ESA animals that everyone wants to keep

Emotional support animals (ESAs) play a significant role in the lives of people who are suffering from mental health disorders. The feelings of loneliness and depression can be eliminated by keeping an ESA at home. ESAs are important not only for mental health but for physical health as well. They bring hormonal changes in the body and increase the production of dopamine and oxytocin. Both these hormones are known as happy hormones which keep people happy and eliminate all symptoms of depression. In order to keep ESA at home, you need an emotional support animal letter.

It is not difficult for you to get an ESA letter if you are really suffering from different symptoms of mental illness. Mental health professionals need to be licensed otherwise ESA letters will not be considered valid. You can even get this letter from your family doctor or primary care physician.

After getting an ESA letter, the main point is to get a suitable emotional support animal for yourself. There are a number of different animals which people want to keep as ESA. You can choose any of these, as per your personal preferance. These animals are as follows:

Miniature Horse

Miniature horses can be used for both therapeutic and service purposes. Miniature horses play a significant role in providing calm and relaxation to people who are suffering from different symptoms of mental disorders. They are easygoing and calm animals and their love for humans makes them perfect for this job. People feel easy and good by hugging and petting them. Everyone wants to keep them as an ESA at home due to a number of behavioural characteristics associated with them.


Dogs are the most common animals which people prefer to keep as an ESA. They are considered as the high energy and most loveable animals. They not only provide emotional and mental support but also help in keeping them physically fit. When people take their dogs out for a walk their socialization process increases due to which feelings of loneliness get eliminated. It is very easy for dogs to get an realesaletter for housing.


The affectionate nature of cats makes them more suitable to keep as ESA. Within no time, cats develop a warm connection with their owners and provide them with a calm and chill vibe. Due to their support and love, people can easily get over different symptoms of mental illness.


Rabbits are considered as the gentlest animals which can easily develop a good bond with their owners. People want to keep them as an ESA due to their loving nature and low maintenance. They have many adorable characteristics such as twitchy noses and fuzziness. When people provide care and love to their rabbits it can reduce their anxiety and depression.


Donkeys can be proved therapeutic for people with any kind of mental disability. Due to their calm nature, they are considered best for cuddling and petting and provide a sense of comfort for their owners. A child's coordination and self-confidence can be increased by riding donkeys. Donkeys can develop a one-on-one relationship with people suffering from mental illness. People with any kind of physical disability can also get benefits by keeping donkeys with them.

Guinea Pig

These are known as cuddly rodents which many people want to keep as an ESA. They are very playful and easygoing animals that can help people with emotional and mental disabilities. By sitting on the chest of the owner, a guinea pig can help in the reduction of depression and anxiety. Their jumping and twisting can be proved amusing for the owners to watch and help them to distract from a number of different problems of life.


Many people even prefer to keep a snake as an ESA which may not be considered a good option. They can be proven helpful for people who are struggling with communication and depression. People can improve their emotional health and get a sense of calm by handling and caring for snakes.


Because of the ability of parrots to mimic human speech, they are considered excellent birds to be kept as an ESA. Their tendency for empathy can be proved helpful to mitigate anxiety. They can easily sense anger and tension in human beings and can help them in preventing emotional outbursts.

Miniature Pig

Many people love to keep mini pigs as their ESA due to their sensitivity and intelligence. They can help autistic children to get back their vocal skills and develop feelings of calm in them. They can easily sense low blood sugar among people who are suffering from diabetes. There are a number of different schools, nursing homes and hospitals where mini pigs are serving as therapy animals.

Bearded Dragon

It is the wish of many people to keep bearded dragons as their ESA. Bearded dragons are considered small and portable reptiles and provide human companionship to relieve the symptoms of depression.


Sheep are woolly and calm animals and can efficiently serve their purpose as an ESA. Sheep are the perfect ESA for adults and children who love to cuddle. They are very soft and can be hugged easily.

All these animals are the most common animals which many people want to keep as an ESA. All these animals possess therapeutic qualities to serve people suffering from different symptoms of depression.

Despite the fact, Mental health professionals examine the condition of the people and provide an accordingly.

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